Child to Parent

While everyone was having a great weekend, mine was spent with my mother. She has been hospitalized and not feeling her best. This is difficult for my siblings and myself, because my mother being helpless is not something we are used to. She is the strongest woman I know. It’s also making her grandchildren worry as well. When you grow up with a woman with my mother’s fortitude, seeing her sick is a sight none of us can use to. When a parent is ill the process is much more different than a child’s. Especially if there are multiple children. We have to agree on the best treatments, take turns visiting, take care of the home, and help with other matters. You start to think how she was able to take care of more than one child at time and here we have divided her care among us.

I have an odd relationship with my mother. Some call it a cross between “mommy dearest” and “Steel Magnolias”. When we get along we get along. When we collide, it’s a storm. We are full throttle with everything we do. But, sitting here watching her sleep with machines beeping and nurses poking and prodding, angers me and at the same time saddens me. I quickly become “La Bebe” and I go into I want my mommy mode. I would not hesitate to take her place. I want my mother around for a much longer time. I want her to see my kids graduate high school. There’s so much more I need to learn from her. She has so much more to her life to look forward to. We know she will be alright. She doesn’t have a choice. She has children who still need her guidance. She has grandchildren that need more spoiling. I am not the perfect daughter, but I only want the best for my mama. It’s like the old saying goes “Madre es unica”. I wanted my mother to read something nice while she was in the hospital, so I found this lovely poem online by Demecia Dean that feels like it was meant for us. Hope you enjoy the poem. Be sure to call your mamas and get las bendiciones from them. A random I love you goes a long way also.

Daughter To Mother

Sorry for the time we lost through all my tantrums and fits
Sorry for the fights that drove you to your last wits
Sorry when you needed a hug I was never there
Sorry for the times you felt like I would never care

No! I’m not dying and it’s not a desperate plea
I’m just beginning to understand the relationship we need
You’re supposed to help me when my life gets to be too much
And I’m supposed to help you when you need an extra touch

Take a step back and look at your work, you did a job well done
Some will be good, some may be bad, but my decisions are all my own
I know my brothers need you, but not as much as me
‘Cause while they listened I ignored and missed so much in between

Though jobs may bring us stress, and problems grow by the week
I promise to you from daughter to mother you’ll always have a friend in me

Dira Monroe (c)


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