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November 21, 2008

With the economy being what it is today, we may not have it in our budget to spend a lot of money on Thanksgiving decorations.

This does not mean that we cannot get creative. Let’s start by looking at what we already have stashed in our closets, basement, attic and even under our beds. It could be as simple as an old colorful bed sheet or those now dusty flowery branches that you purchased a few years ago and never got around to actually displaying.

On my November 21st Telemundo 47 Thanksgiving segment I presented four ways that you can personalize your home without breaking the bank.

Thanksgiving - Casa Latina style

Thanksgiving - Casa Latina style

If you own a home, I am sure that you and your kids go crazy decorating the yard with everything that has to do with Thanksgiving. Not owning a home does not mean you cannot do this. Apartment dwellers, do not feel left out, you too can join in on the festivities by adding a personal touch to your entrance. The extras should not just stop at the yard.

They can lead the way from the entrance to the table. I like to call it the unseen yellow brick road.

Above is a simple yet impressive example of what you can do to your entrance. I promise this little touch will bring a smile to those coming in from the cold.

If you feel that your entrance table is not presentable enough – or if you do not have one – use a small folding table, take out a colorful sheet, iron it first and then pin it down. No one will ever know unless you announce it!

A tall clear glass vase is best; it adds height to any room. Remember the branches have to be at least twice the height of the vase. Take your time placing them. You do not want it to look as if you just stepped out and grabbed a few branches off the tree five minutes before your guest arrived. You want it to say, “Welcome to our Home and Happy Thanksgiving” without words

The Art of Decorating With Mother Nature

The Art of Decorating With Mother Nature

This was my favorite of the four, it cost the least and it was the most colourful. I bet that if you were to take a look under your sink you would be surprised at how many empty clear glass vases you have hiding under there. Search for the leftover vases from the ‘I love you/ please forgive me’ flowers your honey has sent you in the past.

You will be happy that you never got around to throwing them out.

Separate them by height but do not go overboard, three or four vases will suffice. Please wash them well, place them upside down to dry allowing a bit of air in as to not create that foggy look within. When dry, take paper towels in both hands so you do not to leave finger prints on the vases.
Now the easiest and most fun part of the project, go to the grocery store and select fruits or veggies, or both. No need to be frugal, buy enough to make only one trip because this design will not sit and collect dust, it will eventually be eaten.

Mother Nature not only adds colour, but she adds texture to the design

My Keeping The Peace Place Settings

My Keeping The Peace Place Settings

My Keeping The Peace Place Settings

My Keeping The Peace Place Settings

Family fueds: deal with them before they happen! Us spanish speakers know that the term politically correct does not always apply to Latino families. So before placing the turkey on the table please make sure you know who is sitting next to who.

Your Tia Carmen was married to your Tio Eduardo for as long as you can remember. Even though they are no longer married, or on speaking terms, you are still inviting them both over for Thanksgiving Dinner.

So before they break out the boxing gloves make sure that you have designated a seating arrangement that will keep the peace.

If you do not have much time you can simply go to Target and get yourself a Thanksgivig Turkey Kit such as the one shown in the first picture above.

If you do have the time and want to make your place holders a bit more special, buy half a dozen to a dozen frames from your friendly Home Goods store (the best prices on frames and selection), personalize the frames with your guest’s name and add some decorative holiday stickers.

At the end of the evening you can either give them as gifts or kept them to use for your next dinner party.

No matter what the occation, control your guest by controlling the seating arrangements. This may prove to be slightly difficult with Spanish folk at first but by your third party they’ll have a handle on it!

The Unexpected Center Piece

The Unexpected Center Piece

This candleholder has been sitting on my cousin’s sideboard for the last six years. I changed the color of the candles from red to yellow and added leaves from the park across the street to the base to add drama.

The small pumkin and the two green artichokes add color and texture. By placing the entire design on a tray I’ve also made relocating the pieces a lot easier when the Turkey arrives.

This design did not cost a penny. Priceless.

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