About Us

Years ago, when my cousin Marlene Pratt and I realized that we weren’t seeing ourselves and our lives reflected in the popular American home-and-lifestyle brands, we did what Latinas do best: We took action! We started by asking ourselves what makes us who we are, what makes our experience as Latinas unique and where do we want to go?

We discovered that being Latina is about seeking answers and solutions, about acculturation rather than assimilation, about holding onto the traditions that make us who we are while also striving for what we want to become.  Some of us prefer English, some prefer Spanish, but we are all connected through a shared sense of identity. Latinas in the United States come from over 20 countries, each with its own distinct culture and nuances. However once here, we are bound by the same language and share similar values and traditions.

As US Latinas it is not so much about where we, or our parents, came from. It is about our destination – The American Dream.

And it is about achieving it on our own terms. Latina Style!


Our team is committed to making Casa Latina’s THE destination you turn to for all your home-and-lifestyle related needs. Whether you are an aspiring homeowner working toward the ‘dream’ of buying your first home, or a current homeowner with dreams of remodeling, renovation and interior decorating, or if you are simply renting for now, Casa Latina has the ideas and the solutions for all your home challenges. We will help you turn your space into your showcase. We bring together experts from all over the country to provide you with the most current home-related information on décor and design, DIY/how-to, lifestyle, green living and cuisine in both English and Spanish. At Casa Latina we consider ourselves trailblazers and you are invited to join us as we set a course for the future.  Let’s move forward together…

¡Adelante! ¡¡¡Esta es su Casa Latina!!!


Marlene and I are passionate about our mission, enthusiastic about executing it and thrilled to serve the Latina community, but we can’t do it alone! So we have an amazing TEAM of professionals who share in our vision, believe that the Hispanic community is the most dynamic in America, and are committed to the vision.


Marlene Pratt has more than a decade of interior design and architectural experience. After studying architecture at New York City’s Pratt Institute, Marlene earned a degree in design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is a renovation expert and an interior designer with extensive on-air media experience in both English and Spanish language television, print and radio. Marlene has regularly appeared as a Home Economist/Home Improvement Expert on Fox, CBS, WB’s WPIX-TV and WNBC. She also co-hosted The Fix It Line, a home improvement series that aired on Discovery Channel. Marlene also appeared on a weekly home improvement/interior design segment on the Spanish language television network Telemundo. In addition, she served as a spokesperson for Georgia Pacific and traveled extensively to major Latino 6 markets around the country, appearing on local Spanish language television and radio stations to promote Georgia Pacific sponsored safety tips.

Nora Maria Diaz-Bretherton graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She started her career as a sales associate at WCBS-TV in NY, the CBS flagship station. Nora’s strong communication skills earned her a position as a production assistant for the CBS Weekend Evening News. She was then promoted to broadcast associate for the CBS Weekend Evening News, providing editorial support for the national editor and the domestic bureau chief. After honing her skills at CBS, Nora moved on to become a sales executive for Tapestry International, a US based production and distribution company. She left Tapestry International to launch Dos Damas Enterprises. Nora then became Vice President of Sales for the US and Latin America at Beyond Distribution, an Australian television production and distribution company. She is now devoting her time to CasaLatina.com and collaborating with Telemundo on the Casa Latina branded news segment series.

Cibele Salomao has over 12 years experience in the media industry working in the U.S and Latin America in programming distribution, operations and finance. She has worked for Telemundo, (a subsidiary of NBCUniversal) for the past seven years in programming & production finance, International distribution finance and most recently as head of Financial Planning & Analysis for the Telemundo Group.
She started her career in Brazil in the distribution of foreign educational and documentaries to Brazilian networks as well as the distribution of independent Brazilian short films and documentaries to Europe and the US. Most recently, she started 2GEN Media, a company providing media consulting services and developing content to the U.S. Hispanic and Brazilian markets. She joined the Casa Latina team in 2011.
Cibele holds an MBA from University of Southern California and a BA in Communications, Journalism from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Magaly Rivera is CEO & Principal of MAG Advisors, a boutique management consulting firm providing strategic planning and business development services  for Latino businesses.  She brings over 25 years experience in strategic planning, business development, and proposal management.  Prior to Mag Advisors, she was VP of Development and Project Manager for Project LAMP at HITN, a national Latino public service network. During her 5 year tenure, she oversaw all development and educational initiatives. Magaly played a major leadership role in bringing to HITN its largest multi-year grant win, the U.S. Department of Education, Ready to Learn grant.

Mike Periu is the financial expert on Univision’s award-winning morning show Despierta America and has been extensively interviewed in national and international media, including CNN en español and several appearances on Al Punto with Jorge Ramos.

He is the founder of EcoFin Media, LLC, a leading provider of financial literacy content for television, radio, print and online distribution. Mike authors the fast-growing multimedia Spanish-language financial blog  DINEROyCREDITO.comand he writes a very popular Spanish-language financial advice column.  He has degrees in Finance and International Business from Georgetown University.