Busting Beauty Myth: Shimmery Eye Shadow Accentuates Wrinkles.

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Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had my son start the 4th grade last week and it has been hectic getting his supplies and the whole shebang.  Seems like 4th grade has become a bit more severe compared to when I was a schoolgirl. Kudos to the parents that kept it together. (I won’t be saying if I am or am not included in that category).

Let’s jump right into this week’s makeup myth.

Weekly Makeup Myth:  Shimmery eye shadow accentuates wrinkles.

Truth:  I know a lot of the time women of certain ages with mature skin tend to fear makeup because they don’t want to appear older or resemble a character from ‘Death Becomes Her’. Needless to say makeup, when applied correctly can make you look like anything.  Coco Chanel was known for wearing white blouses and multiple strands of pearls to bounce light around her neck, which she believed made her look younger and have and have an amazing glow.  The same concept does work on your eyes.  Sparkling shadows brighten your eyes by distracting from imperfections like dark circles. The shimmering particles break up the light and create their own unique texture that hides roughness and wrinkles around the lids. This makes your eyes appear vibrant, bright, and glowy.

What I think you should buy:  Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow (retailed for $21, sephora.com)

Monroe’s Makeup Tip:  Powder partially.

If you’re worried about looking more oily than dewy, apply powder just around the eyes and the center of the forehead instead all over your face.  It’ll keep your makeup from creasing in key areas without sacrificing a healthly glow.

What I think you should buy:  Gucci Luxe Finishing Face Powder (retailed for $55, gucci.com).

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