Before and After: A Delicious Dining Room

I simply love unexpected dramatic make overs that make me just want to jump right out of my shoes.  This is a great example that big doesn’t always mean better. So much was accomplished with limited space.

Structurally this room almost had it all, the only two additions that the home needed were the Recessed Light Fixtures and the addition of the continuous Sofit. Other than that this  is a room that anyone, if determined, could put together within a few weeks and under $6,000 if they are willing to put in the sweet equity.

The Over Sized Tufted Upholstered Velvet Blue Bench is the focal point of this room for two reasons, one because of its welcoming width and two because of its height. The enormous height of the bench makes the eye believe that the room is taller than what it actually is. The mixing of the style of the chairs also gives the room anElegant yet whimsical design. I like to call this room Traditionally Modern.


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