Bedbugs: What You Need To Know, Part I

Say the word bedbug and people in New York become hysterical.  Terrorism?  We can deal with it.  Bedbugs? That’s another story.  This is how crazy it is getting: some people have stopped going to the movies, children in many NYC schools must place their book bags and coats in giant sized zip lock bags, and in extreme cases, a person’s home will be shunned by friends and family if word gets out that they’ve had an infestation.  Is the situation really that dire? Or, is part of the problem being fed by the news media and pest phobic homeowners? 

We asked our experts at Knockout Pest Control (KPC) to tell us what’s really going on:


KPC: The hottest topic in the Pest Control world these days are BED BUGS. From the EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency), to a variety of Public Health Departments, (including Nassau County and NYC), bed bugs are having a newfound resurgence in the US and in the NY Metro area.

CL:  How do people know if they have a bed bug infestation?

KPC: Either they see the insects, a bed bug dog detects the insects, they find small blood spots on the mattress or bites on skin.

However, only a Pest Control Professional has the detection tools and the arsenal of pest products as well as the knowledge to deal with bed bugs. If YOU use some insect spray you can drive the bed bugs into other areas that will make them more difficult to find and treat. Spraying also makes K9 Bed Bug finding dogs useless in locating exactly where the bed bugs hide. And Pest Control Professional will use safe Bed Bug exterminating methods. Safe to use on beds where you and your entire family sleep…including your pets.

CL: If you think you have them, what is the next step?

KPC: The key is to identify a bed bug problem and call a professional right away.

As Pest Control Professionals, we find ourselves on the front lines of dealing with this rise in bed bug infestations, which not only entails treating for bed bugs, but determining the location of them in a home or office and educating the public about bed bugs.

Having bed bugs has nothing to do with cleanliness or proper hygiene and everything to do with travel. People traveling on vacation, staying in hotel rooms or even visiting friends are the bed bugs mode of transportation. Bed bugs love to hitch a ride on clothing, in purses/handbags, and in luggage. And bed bugs aren’t confined to beds. Bed bugs find sofas and cozy arm chairs just as comfy.

CPC: How do you get rid of them?

KPC: At Knockout Pest Control we’re revolutionizing Bed Bug elimination technology by using a  CRYONITE treatment system. No poisons. No sticky traps. No attractant machines. Just a blast of FREEZING CO2 that reaches every nook and cranny killing Bed Bugs instantly wherever they’re hiding. Bed frames, mattresses, cushions, draws, closets, behind furniture, in baseboard cracks, electrical outlets, and even electronic devises – like clock radios and computers, (when unplugged).

CL: We hear it is difficult to completely eradicate bedbugs from a home once there has been an infestation.  Is this true?

KPC: If you live in an apartment and YOU have bed bugs, chances are your neighbors have them too. They may have sprayed themselves and that’s why YOU have ‘em. So if you have them tell your neighbors and landlord so the entire Bed Bug problem can be eliminated and the problem doesn’t simply move from apartment to apartment.

If you think you may have a bedbug problem visit

Want a few tips on how to prevent bedbugs in the first place?  Visit tomorrow for Bedbugs: What You Need To Know: Part Two

Until then, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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