Bedbugs: What You Need To Know, Part II


Yesterday in Part One of Bedbugs: What You Need To Know, we learned about the nasty scourge that has turned New York from a once fearless city into a community of insectophobes.

We believe that a good defense against these little bloodsuckers is a strong offense – don’t let them get into your home in the first place.  Traveling is one of the primary ways bedbugs get from one place to another.  So we’ve turned to our friends at and Travel Smart Blog for a few tips on how to avoid letting them hitch a ride on your clothes or luggage spokesperson Nicole Hockin, author of the Travel Smart Blog, shares her tips for finding bedbugs, what to do if they are in your room, and how to make sure you don’t bring any home.


How do I know if my hotel room has Bedbugs?

Here is what I do when I first get to my room:

  • I do NOT place clothing or suitcases on the beds. 
  • I use a desk or the folding rack found in most hotels.  Bedbugs don’t like the light, so they’ll be hiding in areas that are usually dark or have very low light.
  • I pull back the bed sheets and check the mattress and box spring, looking specifically along the upper and lower seams and between them. 
  • I also check around and behind the headboard (especially if it’s fabric), and in the corners of the drawers even if I don’t use them.   What am I looking for? Spots on the sheets or mattress that look like tiny black dots and for tiny white eggs (like rice) as well as the little bugs themselves.
  •  Check hotels’ guest reviews, like the ones on, to see if recent visitors have had any problems.
  • Bedbugs die in extreme heat. Upon arriving home, head straight to your laundry room. Wash all your clothes in hot water and dry them on maximum heat to kill any unwanted hitchhikers.

For Nicole’s complete article, please click here.

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