Assembling Flat Pack Furniture – Do Not Forget These 5 Points

You don’t have to be a carpenter to assemble flat pack furniture, but a few tricks and secrets could save time and trouble, and give the satisfaction of a job well done. They can also be the difference of needing a place to put the piece of furniture in and the need for a clearance company to handle the furniture disposal – even though you will need one to do the old furniture collection. Do be careful with the assembly to avoid the need for waste collectors for the latter.

Use The Best Tools Available

The furniture may come with a cheap wrench that will get bolts and screws done up eventually. But you’ll get them done much quicker and tighter using multi-headed ratchet or powered tools that can be operated one-handed, and are familiar. Keep the supplied tool with the furniture for quick adjustments or if parts work loose.

Mask to avoid damage

Veneers and soft woods can mark, compress and split easily. Avoid chipping with tape as you make holes and drive screws into them – particularly for additional or missing holes. Check first that removing the adhesive tape itself doesn’t damage the finish. You can also use it when handling and moving the completed item. Avoid overdoing it, of course. Doing too much sometimes can equal doing too little, meaning that you might need that waste disposal company sooner than you expected.

Finish It Off

You can just put it together as it comes, but particularly with cheaper furniture there’ll be rough edges. Holes and starting points may be drilled only partly, in the wrong place or not at all! This is where you’ll need sandpaper, bradawl and maybe a drill for getting the finish just right.

Assembling Flat Pack Furniture

Treat the design as a starting point

Flat pack furniture’s designed down to a price, so use any ideas you have for making the furniture stronger or more secure. Use stronger wall fastenings, extra brackets – or choose your own door handles and fittings to make your furniture unique.

Help Is At Hand

Flat pack assembly instructions are famously hard to follow, even for an experienced handyman. They are also just a starting point. Look online for videos, blog and forum posts for the same model – or advice at the manufacturer or vendor’s website or helpline.

And after getting all this help, you are on your own. Do the best job you can and avoid the need of calling rubbish removal services. You do not want to tell the rubbish collectors that they are handling the junk clearance of a failed furniture assembly project, do you?

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