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Dear Marlene,

I am moving into my first apartment next month and I would like to know what are the two most important tools to have for home repair?




Dear Vicky,

First of all congratulations on your big accomplishment, moving out on your own is never an easy step, but having the correct tools at home is. The list will consist of more than two tools, but they are not difficult to find. I recommend that you start by buying yourself a toolbox. It doesn’t have to heavy or big, just the right size to stock the necessities.

Your tool box should consist of the following:

1.      Hammer….standard claw hammer with smooth face

2.      Screwdrivers ….you will need a Flat-head and a Phillips-head, make sure to have at least two sizes of each

3.      Safety Glasses….always protect your eyes

4.      Utility Knife ….used often for many things

5.      Tape Measure….also consider carrying a small in your bag

6.      Duct Tape….a tool box is never complete without it

7.      Adjustable Wrench …. Also known as Crescent wrench

8.      Slip-Joint Pliers….also known as Channellocks

9.      Hand Saw….it does not need to be big a 15” will fit in most tool boxes

10.  Ear Protection…. wear them while using power tools

11.  Dust Mask ….you never know what behind the walls, protect your long- term health and make sure to use them

12.  Stud Finder….they really do help you find the supports behind your wall  

13.  Corded Electric Drill and Bits….every lady needs a drill in their home

14.  Heavy-Duty Extension Cord…. I recommend a 25’ foot cord

15.  Flashlight…..with working batteries

 Safety Tip:

Keep long hair tied back, stay alert and respect each tool. Treat each power tool as though you are using it for the first time. Comfort can sometimes cause accidents.  Remember to protect yourself and wear your sporty safety glasses, your ear protection, and your dust mask when necessary.