Annual Breast Cancer Walk

Hola Mi gente!

There is so much to talk about I don’t even know where to begin. First off, how many of you will be joining us on October 18th in Orchard Beach for the annual Breast Cancer Walk? This will be located in the Bronx, NY at 10:00am. Strides have been bringing people of all types for this event to raise awareness and funds towards the research to find a cure for Cancer. Breast cancer, although common in women can have male patients as well. But, the patients are not the only ones affected by this disease. Patients, survivors, family members, all play a role.

This year I am actually doing things a little different. The Teal Soldiers (my team) will be taking a break and actually joining my beautiful cousin’s team. This year we are Team Cari. I hope that some of my readers will join and show support. It is well needed. Also a way to show support and raise awareness, participate in the “On Wednesday We Wear Pink” campaign. What do you have to do you ask? Well, it is pretty self explanatory: on Wednesdays wear pink. That’s it. You can shop online for items or make your own.

The whole point is that Breast Cancer is brought to the attention of many, and to do something selfless. Cancer is not a taboo topic. News, topics, films, stories, merchandise, all over the world, internet, radio we talk about how Cancer has touched or ruined someone’s life. So please do your part and help all of us finally find a cure. Hope to see you all next Sunday.

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Till the next one, mi gente!

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