A Small Project with Big Savings

A cost effective and easy-to-install energy savings project could pay back homeowners with significant savings on their home energy bills, according to a new study commissioned by The Dow Chemical Company.

The study found that homeowners save an average of $50 annually on their energy bills by air sealing gaps, cracks and other exposed areas of the home with an insulating foam sealant. Participants of the study showed a return on investment of their product purchase in as little as four months after application.

The study findings indicate that the expected average one-year return on investment for homes using Great Stuff Pro and Great Stuff Insulating Foam Sealants ranged from 145 percent to 2,374 percent, with savings ranging from $26 to $163 depending on application area, cost and quantity of materials.

To help homeowners conduct their own study, the Dow team took common leak locations discovered during the weatherization project and created an Air-Seal Audit Checklist. This document helps homeowners navigate and identify their homes’ own air loss trouble spots and provides further information on the best remedies. 

Visit www.familyfeatures.com/greatstuff  to learn more and to get an Air-Seal Audit Checklist.

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