A Simple Guide to Keeping Cool This Summer

It’s summer, it’s Caliente and many of us have our air conditioners on at full blast when we’re home. While it may make us more comfortable,  it comes at a cost. One we are starkly reminded of  when we open that electric bill! The increases can be downright breathtaking depending on the size or your home. Don’t panic though, there are a few adjustments you can make to lower you bill and save some sweat.

Here Is What You Can Do:

Install Misters

As long as you don’t care if your hair gets a little wet, a misting system can cool the patio/deck down by 25 degrees. Go to Home Depot or Target and get a mister kit. Depending on the length of your eave and how much relief you want, prices range from $25-$120. All you have to do is run the tubing like a cable line and clamp it at central spots with supports. Connect stem nozzles to lengthen or redirect tubing. Connect a garden hose and bask in the summer mist.

Install LED Bulbs

Do you find yourself sweating something fierce in the morning when trying to blow dry your hair and get ready for the day? Look up at your bath bar lights. Those incandescent bulbs are most likely emitting a decent amount of heat, making you sweaty and stressed. What’s the point of drying my hair when it’s just going to frizz and curl up after I sweat? There’s a simple solution: Switch out the light bulbs.

Up to 85 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs, LEDs (light-emitting diode) emit energy in the form of a light photon (a chip). Because of this solid-state lighting technology, there is no filament to burn out, so they could last up to 20 years. Best of all, they don’t emit much heat, which leads to a better hair day and a happier you.

Change Air Filter

Imagine trying to suck a thick milkshake through a straw. That’s what your A/C is trying to do—suck air through an old, dirty air filter. It makes your A/C work extra hard, and guess who pays? You. To change your filter, unscrew the register and look at the size, so you purchase the correct filter. There’s no use changing it if it doesn’t fit. Take out the old and pop in the new. You’ll feel a significant difference almost immediately.

Proper Bedding

Change out those heavy cotton sheets with light natural fiber sheets that breathe easy and allow air to flow through. Also, remember light colors reflect the heat.

Bright idea: Can’t get cool at night under the sheets? Create a rice-sock ice pack by stuffing a sock full of rice. Freeze it and place it under the covers with you. Why rice? It keeps cool for long amounts of time and won’t melt all over your mattress.

Friendly Reminders

Everyone knows it’s hot out there, but you can’t stay indoors all summer. Stand up to the heat by taking steps to keep yourself (and your family) cool. Other simple actions to keep in mind:

  • Slow down, girl
  • If you drink caffeine or alcohol, replace that dehydration with water. For every alcoholic or caffeinated drink, drink one water
  • Get up early, go to bed early
  • Eat watermelon, grapes and cucumbers
  • Fill water bottle and spray face and body liberally

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