A ‘Design It Girl’ DIY Holiday Project!

Part of what makes our work at Casa Latina so exciting is finding the most amazing Latina bloggers and designers whose projects and philosophy we can share.

So we are very proud to announce that Nicole Torres is starting as a regular contributor of Casa Latina. Nicole is a MUY talented interior designer with a unique gift; she can refurbish and refinish almost anything and turn it into a designer show piece.  She is also one crafty chica and has great ideas for simpler projects that a novice can take on.

In this project Nicole shows us how-to make Paint Dipped Pinecones for the Holidays. This is a great weekend project to do with your niños. It’s also simple enough for beginners who would like to add a ‘homemade’ touch to their holiday décor but don’t really know how.

DIY: Paint Dipped Pinecones for the Holidays

By: Nicole Torres

It’s that time of year folks, and I can not believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and Christmas is around the corner. I love the Holidays and I really love Christmas shopping. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and to be thankful for what we have and to appreciate those who love us unconditionally.

The latest; Pine cone decorating… Designers, and Grafter’s are now dippingPinecones in their favorite colors. I think its cool and gives them a vintage look with a Modern twist. I love decorating in bright colors and this year I plan to decorate my home with pretty colors like: Pink, Purple, Orange, white, Moss Green, baby Blue and Yellow. I can’t wait to share.

Here is my short tutorial: How to dip Pinecones:

Things you need:
1. Pinecones
2. Paint
3. Wire (to wrap around Pine cone for easy dipping)
4. Paint (or spray paint)
5. Wax paper
6. Ribbon

 Thing to do:

1. Wrap Pinecone with wire then dip your Pinecone into paint, let drip try by placing over wax paper, or hang over paint can for approximately one minute to remove excess paint.
2. Place on wax paper  allow to dry completely for about 15-30 minutes (this is the time to sprinkle on glitter before it dries completely if you want to have a few with a little sparkle).
3. Tie a beautiful ribbon, then hang or place in a bowl, and display

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My name is Nicole, I am Interior Designer, and studied at Palm Beach Community College. I have a love for design and a great passion for chairs, I enjoy upcycling and refurbishing my great furniture finds. I am a mom of three beautiful teenagers, between my full time job, blogging, & designing my days are long, but soulful ones…I am still developing my craft and I am enjoying every moment I get to work on my projects. “Keeping It Green” is my motto. Recycling, Reusing, Refurbishing, and Upcycling. Keeps furniture from landfills and in circulation for many more years to come. Join me on my creative venture!

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