A Casa Latina Find: DIY Floors Made Easy

Sustainable Home Remodeling- Green and DIY Friendly Tile

Traditional tile removal is messy, labor intensive and environmentally unfriendly. The use of a jackhammer or similar tool results in many destroyed tiles bound for the landfill; not to mention clouds of potentially hazardous dust.

With the cost and environmentally conscious builder/homeowner in mind, SnapStone created the first high-end environmentally friendly tile. SnapStone tile can be disassembled and re-used making it one of the only reusable tiles available today.

Additionally, SnapStone tile lowers waste by consuming fewer natural resources in the creation of the tiles (2-3 core products used for SnapStone vs. 5-8 products for traditional tile). Because SnapStone can be installed over existing floor, this tile eliminates the need to discard old floor into the landfill.

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