A Casa Latina Christmas

This year it’s all about saving money. With the economy being what it is, everyone is looking to save as many pennies as possible, even at Christmas. Working on a budget does not mean a dreadful looking tree; it simply means getting a bit more creative in an inexpensive way.

I was tight on time and money for this project. I was told that I had to get it done spending less than $250.00 and within two days.

The first store I went to was to the Home Depot where I found a 7-foot 5-inch pre-lit artificial pine Christmas tree for $149.99.

Decorating A Christmas Tree On A Budget:

For my next stop I didn’t think twice. I went directly to the Christmas Tree Store in Paramus New Jersey. In this store you can find everything you need within budget and in under an hour.

The trick to it is to not walk directly to anything. Instead, time yourself, give yourself five minutes and walk the entire floor looking but not touching. Once you’re certain you’ve seen everything, then go back and start selecting.

I found an assortment of decorations ranging from 29 cents to $99. Many were inexpensive and striking.

Just as I realized I had not selected a theme for the tree, I looked across the store and saw white and silver branches. At that moment I envisioned a white, blue and silver tree. Up close, the white and silver branches were even more beautiful. And they went from beautiful to exquisite once I saw the $6.99 price tag! Each of the branches had an assortment of about ten smaller branches within its group. Once I cut and separated them I got about 24 individual decorations.

I also found fig like branches that were quite pretty. They were even more impressive once they were cut. The figs were only a dollar a branch. I was in heaven.

I had a hard time finding the decorative balls. But once I found them it was as if they were made for my project; they were available in an assortment of white, blue, and silver. There were six balls in a case for $2 a case. God is good.

With my shopping done, homemade decorations were next on the list.

Add A Homemade Touch To Your Holiday:

Homemade decorations are a great way to beat the credit crunch and an even better way for keeping the kids busy and involved in creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Remember to always take some time out to spend with your kids, especially around the holidays. Your children will not remember anything special about you having to go to again, but they will remember making ornaments around the kitchen table and accidentally gluing sprinkles to your hair!

This year I made homemade Blue and Silver Glittered Christmas Stars and Snow Flakes. They are easy to make and a lot of fun for the entire family.

Supplies Needed:

  • Glitter (blue & silver)
  • Glue/Hot glue gun
  • Skill sticks made of wood ($1.99)
  • Snow flake made of wood (40 cents)
  • Spray paint (blue & silver)
  • Clear Lacquer

Start by taking five sticks and placing them on top of each other in the shape of a star. Once you are certain of where all the sticks go, glue them to each other by placing a dot of glue in the center where they meet.

If you use regular glue it will take a while to dry, but if you use a glue gun it glues instantly. Be very careful, I’ve lost a few layers of skin on occasion for not being careful enough when using the glue gun!

Once the glue has dried, spread some newspapers and spray paint the stars the color of the glitter. Make sure you are in a vented room when spraying paint.

Check to make sure the stars are dry, if so spray the other side. Once the stars are completely dry, spray a bit more paint on one side and immediately sprinkle the glitter directly on it.

This step takes a bit longer, because the glitter has to dry and adhere to the surface with the paint. The next step is to spray them with a clear coat of lacquer. The lacquer will help keep the glitter in place.

Once completely dry to the touch, take some ribbon, loop it and glue it to the back of the star. If the ribbon is shiny, remember to turn it as you glue it so that both sides of the ribbon show their shiny side.

Follow the same directions for the snow flake.

Have fun and Happy Holidays!!

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