5 Simple Home-Based Solutions That Will Save Our Oceans

Most of us agree that conserving our resources and protecting nature is a shared responsibility.  And many of us take it seriously by recycling and conserving energy at home when possible.  Often times we don’t do more because we simply don’t realize how our everyday activities affect the planet.

I find myself in this category.  I would happily do more if I knew what was effective and why.  So when our friend, award-winning author and filmmaker Veronica Grey, offered 5 simple home-related tips I can easily implement to help an alarming environmental situation, I jumped at the chance to post it. Veronica’s award-winning documentary “Aqua Seafoam Shame”  isn’t the first time I have heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, but it is the first time I have been offered easy-to-implement solutions where I can do my part to help preserve our magnificent ocean.  I am willing to do my part and ask you to join me and do yours.

5 Easy-To-Implement Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste & Ocean Pollution

  • Americans buy 2 million bottles of water every five minutes; ditch plastic bottles and use glass or recyclable cans.
  • Carry a cost-effective canvas bag instead getting disposable plastic bags at the grocery store. We waste 10 billion plastic bags every week!
  • Do not line your trash cans with plastic bags. Use paper bags or nothing.
  • Skip the lid on your to-go drinks. The paper cup is normally recyclable but the lid usually isn’t.
  • Remember that each and every time you flush; it all ends up in the ocean. Be mindful of what you toss in your toilet!

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