5 Incredible Bathroom Storage Concepts You Should Try Out

Many items tend to migrate to the bathroom, and many bathrooms have little storage space. Therefore, we need to be creative in the ways we store our bathroom supplies. Items stored in bathrooms range from towels to cosmetics or hair styling tools to toilet paper. The list never seems to end.

The first step to organizing your bathroom is junk removal, also known as rubbish removal. Anything that does not have a productive use in the bathroom should be moved elsewhere or disposed of. You can also implement waste recycling by repurposing items you find, such as baskets and an old shower curtain rod. This junk clearance allows more space for bathroom necessities.

1. Baskets

Baskets can be used to store many bathroom items and add character to your bathroom decor. They are available in a wide range of colours and are cheap. You can use them in bathroom cabinets to store cosmetics, cleaning supplies, soaps, and styling products. Baskets can be hung on the wall to store towels and washcloths. You can leave them on the back of the toilet and keep toilet paper rolls in them. If you have a shelving unit in there already, you can place baskets on the shelves and fill them with soaps, magazines or virtually anything else.

2. Wine Racks

Hang a wine rack on the wall to hold your towels. Simply roll your towels and place them in the racks. This will add decor and save space in your bathroom. Standing wine racks can be used the same way.

3. Small Bins With Pull-Out Drawers

There are a variety of colours, shapes and sizes of small bins. Some have lids, some are open. You can place soaps, nail polish, shampoos, conditioners, first aid supplies, perfumes, and much more in small bins. This will create more room in your bathroom cabinets and create an organized feel. Place decorative bins on shelving units or space savers that match the theme of your bathroom to add a splash of decor.

5 Incredible Bathroom Storage Concepts You Should Try Out2

4. Tension Rods

Tension rods can be placed in bathroom cabinets and used to hang items on, such as cleaning supplies. If you place the tension rod near the top of the cabinet, you will still have space below it to store other bathroom products.

5. Over the Door Racks

Over the door racks can be placed on the back of the bathroom door to hold items such as bathroom towels. You can also buy small sized racks to hang in your cabinets. They can hold styling products as well as styling tools that are bulky and can take over your cabinets; their wires getting tangled. Try using a shoe over the door rack to hold small items.

So start with the junk clearance, find a proper clearance service to help you with the rubbish disposal and then proceed with the little modifications you should definitely try out.

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