I find it’s the small home issues that add up and become most annoying over time.  That’s probably why there’s no lack of clever new home-related products and gadgets claiming to make life a little easier.  Some become keepers. Others not so much:

I grew up in the kitchen watching my mother and grandmothers cook. Like old-school Latinas still do today, meals were prepared the old-fashioned way – no food processor, no hand blender, no store bought sofrito, no nifty new ‘gadgets’ of any kind.

 Me, I’m a sucker for a useful new kitchen gadget that truly serves a purpose and makes life easier.  I still use the handy-dandy blender/mini-chopper combo I bought from an infomercial almost twelve years ago, even though I have a sleek looking DeLonghi blender sitting on my counter top. While aesthetics are important – I hide the more useful plastic blender combo under the counter – behind the scenes it’s all about functionality.

That’s why I’d like to introduce a new kitchen accessory I find quite useful.   Pull Ties are uniquely designed reusable plastic tools that simply slip over any bag top and crimp the opening shut, locking in freshness and keeping air out.

No more chip clips, tying knots or using those twisty paper covered metal things you get with some plastic baggies.  Add a few Pull Ties to your household and you’re good to go!

Exhibit B

Exhibit C


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